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What is the Diversity & Inclusion Office (DIO)?

The Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) is a branch of Human Resources. Its mission is to foster the recruitment, retention, and development of exceptional and diverse scientific, engineering, and operational talent through customer-focused and efficient HR support. The DIO meets this mission by assisting Berkeley Lab in the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. These regulations include sexual harassment prevention training, sexual harassment complaint process, and non-discrimination/equal employment opportunity (Affirmative Action Program and Diversity Plan).

The implementation of our diversity and inclusion initiatives are accomplished and promoted in collaboration with the Diversity and Inclusion Council and the Women Scientists and Engineers Council.

What is the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative?

The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative was launched in 2013 as one of Lab Director Paul Alivisatos’ key strategies for lab development.

The project directors for the initiative are Vera Potapenko, the Lab’s Chief Human Resources Officer, and Natalie Roe, director of the Physics Division. Alivisatos is the initiative sponsor.

The initiative seeks to build a more diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion at Berkeley Lab in order to conduct the best science possible. For more, read a Q&A with the Lab Director on why he launched this initiative and what changes he hopes to achieve at Berkeley Lab.

What is the Diversity & Inclusion Council?

Berkeley Lab’s Diversity & Inclusion Council consists of Berkeley Lab employees, selected by their respective division director, to provide advice and counsel to Berkeley Lab senior management and their division management on diversity related issues. In addition, Council members execute on special initiatives that strengthen our diversity culture.

The Diversity & Inclusion Council’s goal is to enhance our work environment so that we can recruit and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the local community, the nation and the world. The Council provides a forum for identifying and sharing programs and practices that have proven their effectiveness in enhancing diversity.

Diversity & Inclusion Council group photo - 04/14/2016.

Diversity & Inclusion Council group photo – 04/14/2016.