Berkeley Lab

Meditation Mondays via Zoom: 12-1 pm

The LBNL Mindfulness Meditation Group will hold noon time, Zoom-based meditation throughout the shelter-in-place order. With our minds left wandering and sometimes worrying during this stressful time, let’s turn some of that boredom into exploration.

Date: Mondays

Time: 12 – 1 pm

Mindfulness meditation zoom room:

Feel free to invite colleagues and friends. No more than a chair and an internet connection is needed.

LBNL Mindfulness Meditation website:

To join this group:

About the facilitator: Arthur Montazeri,  has practiced and taught mindful meditation for the last 10 years, focusing mainly on a Mindfulness based approach. He is a trained facilitator by Shinzen Young whose system is currently being used in several research facilities around the world. Arthur is interested in a scientific approach to meditation and was part of a study conducted at Harvard medical school where brains of long-time meditators were studied in fMRI while applying different techniques.