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Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Berkeley Lab Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program, started in 2014 by former Lab Director Paul Alivisatos, is designed to advance our efforts to increase underrepresented groups at the Lab. Interested staff attend targeted conferences and events to do presentations, serve on panels, judge poster sessions and staff the career fair booth. The program is coordinated with the IDEA Office, the Talent Outreach Office and the Workforce Development & Education (WD&E) office.

The Role of an Ambassador

Ambassadors can engage in the conference or event in a variety of ways:

  • Give technical presentations on your research or role
  • Be a part of a panel discussion
  • Judge a poster session
  • Attend conference sessions
  • Staff the Berkeley Lab career fair booth

But the role of Ambassador is more than just attending, we also ask that you:

  • Network with participants
  • Talk about the mission and purpose of LBL and the national lab system as  whole
  • Create a basic LinkedIn profile so you can stay in touch with the people you meet
  • Refer people to the career fair booth where they can get more information about jobs and internships
  • Familiarize yourself with our internship opportunities and job openings in your area/division.

Program Details

  • The IDEA Office, the Talent Outreach Office or WD&E Office will provide funding for your travel and conference registration if necessary.
  • The funding source will depend on the type of conference or event.
  • Your Division/group/supervisor will be asked to approve your participation and provide funding for your time while traveling.
  • Once you’ve been approved, we’ll add your name to our roster of ambassadors
  • Four – five months prior to a conference, the Talent Outreach Office or WD&E will reach out people on the list to see if they are available and interested in attending.
  • If you’re selected to attend you will meet with the LBL person coordinating our outreach efforts to discuss your participation and conference details
  • After the conference please send us a short description of your experience and lessons learned or set up a time to debrief the Talent Outreach Office and the IDEA office. We’d love to hear from you!

How to Apply

  • Complete the Ambassador Interest Form 

  • Let us know which conference you’d be interested in attending and any professional associations to which you belong
  • The IDEA office will follow up with you, reach out to your supervisor for approval and let you know when you’ve been approved

Upcoming Ambassador Conferences

To view all upcoming Outreach events and free offerings related to Diversity, STEM, Outreach, and Call for Participation requests, visit the Talent Outreach Events Calendar.

2019 Ambassadors

  • Jason Bush, User Support, Information Technologies
  • Carl Grace, Group Leader, Integrated Circuits, Engineering Division
  • Robin Lopez, Research Associate, Earth & Environmental Resources
  • Paul Mathew, Department Head, Whole Building Systems, Building Technology & Urban Systems Division
  • Alan Poon, Program Head, Neutrinos Program, Deputy Director, Nuclear Science Division
  • Anand Prakash, Senior Scientific Engineering Associate, Building Technology & Urban Systems Division
  • Jacqueline Scoggins, System Engineer, Science IT Division