Berkeley Lab

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

“Perspectives on Diversity” Speaker Series, and Past Events


  • November 18 – Special Event: WOMEN @ THE LAB event honoring 14 outstanding women in STEM
  • May 16 – Topic: Enabling Inclusion Through Mindfulness, PETER WENG (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute)


  • October 28 – 5th Annual Berkeley Lab Diversity Cultural Festival
  • October 14 – Topic: Building It Together: The Berkeley Lab Foundation, IVY CLIF (President, Berkeley Lab Foundation, Chief Development Officer, Berkeley Lab)
  • May 14 – Topic: CLASH! How to Thrive in a Multicultural World, HAZEL ROSE MARKUS, Ph.D. (Davis-Brack Professor in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University) and ALANA CONNER, Ph.D. (Cultural Scientist)
  • February 5 – Topic: The Challenge of Embracing Life’s Challenges, RICHIE PARKER, Engineer and Motivational Speaker (watch video)


  • October 30 – 4th Annual Berkeley Lab Diversity Cultural Festival
  • August 18 – Topic: Chemistry Past. Present. Future: From pioneer times to tomorrow’s breakthroughs, JEANNETTE E. BROWN, Organic Chemist, Historian, Author, Mentor. MS, Research, University of Minnesota; BS, Chemistry, Hunter College (watch video)
  • July 17 – Topic: Climbing Your Own Everests: Molecules and Mountains, ARLENE BLUM, Environmental Scientist, Author, Mountaineer, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Chemistry, Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute (watch video)
  • June 2 – Student to Scientist – Panel Discussion and Networking Luncheon


  • October 23 – 3rd Annual Berkeley Lab Diversity Cultural Festival
  • October 18 – Special Event: WOMEN @ THE LAB event honoring 15 outstanding women in STEM
  • February 26 – Topic: A Discourse on the Human Chemistry of Wine CHRISTIAN LANE, MBA, University of Utah; MS, Audio Engineering, State University of New York; Vintner, Wine Consultant, Author


  • November 7, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, B50 Auditorium
    Topic:  Celebrating Multiple Identities: Looking for Similarities, Building on Differences
    DR. FRANK WORRELL, Professor of Cognition and Development in the Graduate School of Education and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UC Berkeley (watch video)
  • August 15 – 2nd Annual Berkeley Lab Cultural Festival
    Contact:  Jeanne Gerstle, [email protected] or Sheila Dixson, [email protected]
  • June 6 – Topic:  The Importance and Challenges of Diversifying American Science
    DR. GIBOR BASRI Professor of Astrophysics, Vice Chancellor – Equity and Inclusion, University of California, Berkeley (watch video)
  • May 16 – Topic: Expanding upon triggers that include diversity through inclusion/belonging and respect.PBD event co-sponsored by D&I Council: DR. JUDITH SIEGEL, Ph.D., LCSW, author of Stop Overreacting, Associate Professor at Silver School of Social Work at New York University (watch video)
  • April 18 – Special Event: Cal Raijin Taiko, – a UC Berkeley student group founded in 2005 — will bring their drums to the Lab to perform original compositions and share information on the history, evolution, and cultural significance of Taiko.
    (watch video, see photos)


  • October 26 – First Annual Berkeley Lab Cultural Festival (watch video)
  • June 8 – Topic:  Why Teams Work – The Power of Perspective in Collaborations,
    SCOTT PAGE, Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics at the University of Michigan (watch video)
  • The Berkeley Lab Asian Association (BLAA) and the Diversity & Inclusion Council raises over $5K at a fund drive to help earthquake and tsunami victims in northern Japan
  • March 11 – Topic: Inclusion in Independence: Diversity within the Disability Rights Movement, YOMI WRONG, Executive Director of Center for Independent Living (watch video)
  • January 14 – Topic:  Using Your Unique Talent And Perspective To Craft Tomorrow’s World:  
    A Conversation with Three Women Lawrence Fellows moderated by 
    ERNA GRASZ, Chief Technology Officer, Critical Perfusion, Inc. President, CEO, Asante Africa Foundation (watch video)


  • October 6 – Topic: Unlearning Stereotypes: Initiating Diversity Conversations in the Workplace
    LEE MUN WAH, Founder and Director of StirFry Seminars & Consulting
  • June 3 – Topic:  Diversity and Adversity: The Misunderstanding and the Challenge
    MICHAEL HINGSON, World Trade Center survivor (watch video)