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2017 Members

Division Representatives Job Title Member since Telephone Email
Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Ina Reichel Senior Scientific Engineering Associate 2008 486-4341 [email protected]
Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Asmita Patel Division Deputy, Operations 2015 486-7021 [email protected]
Advanced Light Source (ALS) Hans Bechtel Principal Scientific Engineering Associate 2014 486-7519 [email protected]
Biological Systems & Eng (BEPE) Todd Pray  Program Manager 4 2016  486-6053 [email protected]
BioSciences Area Office (BSUH) Kelly Montgomery Sr. Business Manager 2008 486-7245 [email protected]
BioSciences Area Office (BSUH) Eltra Green Program Manager 3 2016 486-5747 [email protected]
Building Technology & Urban Systems (BTUS) Christopher Payne (alternate) Energy/Env Policy Research Scientist 2015 495-2577 [email protected]
Building Technology & Urban Systems (BTUS) Yaw Agyeman Program Manager 2015 495-2574  [email protected]
Chemical Sciences Division (CSD) Rebecca Abergel Chemist Staff Scientist 2016 486-5249 [email protected]
Climate & Ecosystems Neslihan Tas Baas  Earth Research Scientist  2017  486-5538  [email protected]
Computational Research Division (CRD) Silvia Crivelli  Program Manager 2 2017 925-367-5900  [email protected]
Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) and Physics Rachel Carl HR Center Manager 486-4904 [email protected]
Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) Vassiliki (Vivi) Fissekidou  Occupational Safety Specialist 4
2017  486-5610  [email protected]
Energy Analysis Environmental Impacts (EAEI) Anna Spurlock Sr Scientific Engineering Assoc. 2015 495-2072 [email protected]
Energy Geosciences Vacant
Energy Siences Area Marisa Davis Administrator 2017 486-7991 [email protected]
Energy Storage & Distributed Resources (ESDR) Deborah Rabuco Administrative Assistant 2015 486-6845 [email protected]
Engineering Division (EN) Stacy Curry Sr. Administrator 2015 486-7898 [email protected]
Environ Genomics & Systems Bio Vacant
Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) Gita Meckel Deputy Director 2012 486-4871 [email protected]
Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) Jack Salazar Deputy Director 2011 486-6571 [email protected]
Facilities (FA) Yvonne Chavez Sr. Administrator 2017 486-6265 [email protected]
Human Resources (HR) Rachel Carl HR Center Manager 2014 486-4904 [email protected]
Human Resources (HR/WDE) Mara Lockowandt Program Manager 2017 486-7119 [email protected]
Information Technology (IT) Birgitta Meckel Division Deputy, Operations  2017  486-4871 [email protected]
Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) Vacant
Joint Genome Institute (JGI) Massie Ballon  Public Affairs Specialist  2014  925-927-2541  [email protected]
Lab Directorate (LD – Tech Transfer) Shirounda Smith Associate Accountant 2014 495-2963
[email protected]
Lab Directorate (LD) Margaret Dick Chief of Staff 2017 486-4317 [email protected]
Material Sciences Division (MSD) Christopher Anderson  Physicist Research Scientist 2016 486-7978 [email protected]
Molecular Biophysics and Integ. Bio (MBIB) Banumathi Sankaran Biophysicist Research Scientist 2016 486-6511 [email protected]
Molecular Foundry (MF) Rita Garcia  Principal Research Associate  2014  486-4125  [email protected]
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) Elizabeth Bautista Computer Systems Group Lead 2013 486-7454 [email protected]
Nuclear Science Division (NSD) Ernst P. Sichtermann Physicist Senior Scientist 2015 486-5401 [email protected]
Office of the Chief Finance Officer (OCFO) Manny Leanos Sr Subcontracts Administrator  2014 486-6156
[email protected]
Operation (OP) Vacant
Physics (PH) Alex Kim Staff Scientist 2014 486-4621
[email protected]
Public Affairs (PA) Vacant
Scientific Networking Division (SND) Sowmya Balasubramanian Computer Systems Engineer 2015 495-2944 [email protected]
Human Resources (HR) Vacant Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer
UC Staff Advisory Council on the Status of Women (SACSOW) and Human Resources (HR) Christel Cantlin Diversity & Inclusion Manager 2012 486-7635 [email protected]
Human Resources (HR) Lady Idos Sr. Diversity & Inclusion Analyst 2012 486-4232 [email protected]