Berkeley Lab

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Women Scientists and Engineers Council – Past Activities and Events


  • January 28 – Women and Investing Workshop (B50 Auditorium from 12:00 – 1:00 pm)


  • December 10 – December Networking Forum
  • September 8 – Stress Management Workshop
  • August 18 – Speaker Jeannette Brown: “Chemistry Past, Present, and Future” – Chemist, Historian, and author of African American Women Chemists (watch video)
  • June 2 – Student to Scientist – Panel Discussion and Networking Luncheon


  • December 16 – “Leave of Absence” presentation by Disability Management Team in HR.  Watch the video here.
  • December 2 – December Networking Forum
  • October 18 – Women @ The Lab event honoring 15 outstanding women in STEM.
  • May 13 – Merna Hurd, LLNL Associate Deputy Director – Discussing her career in the public and private sectors, how she has overcome obstacles to thrive in a male-dominated field, how her career has evolved over the years, and how she manages work/life balance. Merna Hurd – Event Flyer 5/13/13


  • December 18 – December Networking Forum


  • December 6 – Holiday Networking Session
  • October 12 – Luncheon Seminar featuring guest speaker
  • August 16 -Division Directors Networking Forum
  • May 19 –  Patricia Rankin, Associate Vice Chancellor for research and professor of Physics at University of Colorado, Boulder, “Building Better Teams
  • April 21 – Persis Drell, Director, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, “An Unexpected Path to Physics as a Career”
  • February 24 – Dr. Mina Bissell, Distinguished Scientist, Life Sciences Division, “Balancing Your Career and Research Development”


  • December 3 – WSEC Professional Development Subgroup, “Holiday Networking Session, WSEC Intro (Past, Present, Future)”
  • September 14 – Dr. Susan Hubbard, Geological Staff Scientist, Earth Sciences Division, on “Toward X-Ray Vision: Geophysical Signatures of the Shallow Subsurface
  • May 21 – Odelle Hadley, Postdoc, Environmental Energy Technology Division, on “Quantifying BC Emissions from Cook Stoves and the Effect of Their Subsequent Deposition to Ice and Snow”
  • February 16 – Dawn Munson, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Division, on “Engineering as a Tool for Discovery
  • October 23 – Dr. Marca Doeff, Staff Scientist for the Materials Science Division, on her research interests focused on “Materials for Battery and Fuel Cell Applications


  • August 17 – Dr. Melissa Lunden, Chemical Staff Engineer, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, on “Physical and Chemical Behavior of Aerosols in the Atmosphere
  • May 15 – Dr. Eva Nogales, Senior Biophysicist, Life Sciences Division, on “Structural Insights into Protein Self-assembly Processes Essential in Cell Division


  • October 30 – Dr. Cecilia Aragon, Staff Scientist for the Computational Research Division, on “Facilitating Scientific Insight with Sunfall
  • July 28 – Professor Inez Fung on “The Physics of the Climate System