Berkeley Lab

IDEA Chairs Council

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accountability (IDEA) Chairs Council is made up of representatives from all Berkeley Lab Areas, the seven Employee Resource Groups including the Women Scientists & Engineers Council and the members of the IDEA Working Groups. It also includes  representatives from the Lab Directorate, Human Resources, Early Career staff and the council of UC Staff Assemblies.

Members of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chairs Council. 06/10/2019 Berkeley, California

Berkeley Lab’s IDEA Chairs Council reports to the Chief Diversity Officer and the IDEA Senior Leadership Council.

The purpose of the Chairs Council is to serve as a liaison between represented groups, other council representatives, and Labwide senior leaders on the development and implementation of the IDEA strategy. The council also executes and recommends tactical solutions for represented groups as well as monitoring their impact and effectiveness.

Roles & Responsibilities include:

  1. Partnering with the IDEA Office, Senior Leadership Council and Executive Sponsors on Labwide IDEA strategy and implementing Lab initiatives at the local level
  2. Partnering with represented groups to determine their charters, annual goals, and tactics to advance IDEA efforts
  3. Regularly track progress, and support members of represented group to build capacity, leadership, and accountability
  4. Serve as IDEA catalysts & change agents
  5. Understand issues reflecting their specific communities and partner with other groups

IDEA Chairs Council Directory