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Lab Responses to “When there is equity on your team, what does it look like?”

During the third week of our “Make Your Voice Heard” events, staff and affiliates answered the question “When there is equity on your team, what does it look like?” Here are their responses. Doesn’t matter where you were born, what you look like, who you know…you have the same opportunities. Bridging the gap between somebody […]

Three Questions For Hans Bechtel on Equity

Hans Bechtel is an ALS research scientist who manages three beamlines with infrared micro- and nano-spectroscopic capabilities. This allows users to study samples ranging from bacteria at the bottom of the ocean to dust from the far reaches of space. He shares his thoughts on equity. Full Story>>

Equality vs. Equity: What’s the Difference?

Equity is about making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed by recognizing barriers and creating access and opportunities that benefit everyone. What does equity on your team look like? Share your thoughts on our employee poll which is open through Friday afternoon.

Theresa Triplett On Opportunity Equity

Equity is giving all people the opportunity to excel, says Theresa Triplett, Assurance and Integrity Manager at Berkeley Lab. She discusses how people can be their best selves when they have the chance to apply all of their skills and talents at work.

Discussing Equity Can Make Your Team Stronger

Equity is about opportunity parity. It is about removing barriers to access, fair treatment, opportunity, and advancement. Berkeley Lab’s Chief Diversity Officer Lady Idos has reflective questions for teams around equity.

Equity Means Everyone Has a Chance to Contribute

Lab employees share their thoughts on equity and how an equitable workplace provides opportunities for everyone to participate and contribute. What does equity mean to you?

Special Equity Event – Make Your Voice Heard – August 14, 2019

Lab employees have an opportunity to make their voices heard. On August 14th we’re kicking off our focus on equity. We’re asking you to reflect on the question, “When there is equity on your team, what does it look like?” and then anonymously share your thoughts in 10 words or less. We’ll be onsite at […]