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“Lab Voices” Enliven the Stage at 5th Annual Diversity Cultural Festival

voice heardOne of the most compelling aspects of our workplace is that we all have all experienced different paths to and through our respective tenures at the Lab, and from this, all of us have a story to tell.  That said, there hasn’t always been the right opportunity or venue to share these stories.

Berkeley Lab’s Fifth Annual Diversity Culture Festival, Wednesday, October 28, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the Cafeteria Patio, is the right time and place to have your voice heard.

For the first time, in complement to the many booths and featured performances, we’ll lend our ears to a sampling of voices from around the Lab representing the diverse nature of those who conduct or support the science here.

In the spirit of a “poetry slam,” we are encouraging those who have a story just waiting to be expressed in two minutes or less, to share your voice onstage in your own words.  These personal vignettes will serve as segues between the festival performances, and provide a rich sampling of the different perspectives that flourish at the Lab.  These can be a scientific epiphany, or personal breakthrough, or whatever has been inspired by your time here in the workplace.  Some examples include:

  • Your passage into a career in science/support of science
  • A description of a Lab “epiphany” or peak experience
  • A special relationship/friendship/partnership (e.g., mentor/mentee) engendered by your time at the Lab

Please send a couple sentence excerpt of your own story that you would like to share to the Diversity and Inclusion Office.  We ask that you complete the form by Wednesday, August 19 (click here to view the form).  Our committee will be in touch about your submission, with the goal of selecting approximately a half-dozen stories that capture the diversity of the Laboratory experience.  For more information, please email

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