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FY23 Progress Report


This report is the first of its kind for Berkeley Lab. In its pages, we showcase the incredible work of our growing network of IDEA champions, and incorporate insights generated through 2020 COVID pulse surveys, the 2021 UC Staff Engagement Survey, demographic data on our workforce 2016-2022, and other qualitative channels of feedback from various lab-wide programs and initiatives over this period.


Picture of Mike Witherell Lab Director A Message from Mike Witherell, Lab Director

When I began my tenure as Berkeley Lab’s Lab Director in 2016, I was inspired by the power and potential of our people and culture, and acutely aware of how crucial both are to achieving our scientific mission. Seven years and one global pandemic later, this could not be more true. I spent the first half of my career working with wonderful collaborations of scientists and engineers to understand the nature of charmed quarks and neutrinos, practicing what we at Berkeley Lab call “team science.” When I was then chosen as director of Fermilab, I transitioned to helping other scientists do great research. During this time and throughout my experiences at LBNL, I have worked hard to understand what leaders can do to make large research institutions successful.
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A Message from Aditi Chakravarty, Chief Culture Officer

Dear Berkeley Lab community,
This report is the first of its kind for Berkeley Lab. It represents the “A” in IDEA. Our goal is to highlight our progress and commitment to advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, & accountability (IDEA), as well as to establish IDEA baselines and 2025 goals to guide our individual, team, and organizational actions over the coming years. But at its heart, this inaugural report is a testament to your passion and dedication. You are the values-centered stewards of Berkeley Lab’s culture.
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We want to equip any employee at the Laboratory to delve into and discuss the contents of the FY23 IDEA Progress Report. This PPT deck, which you can save directly to your drive, contains all the information from the report in a presentation format. This enables you to use it for One-Minute-For-IDEA presentations and for any of your other Area, divisional, and team meetings.
IDEA 2023 Progress Report Presentation with Speaker Notes