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What does IDEA mean to you?

IDEA enables Berkeley Lab to accomplish our vision of “bringing science solutions to the world.” As the home of team science, IDEA lives at the heart of true collaboration and teamwork.

IDEA allows us to:

  • Unlock innovation and new discoveries
  • Harness the power of our collective contributions
  • Unlock our teams’ fullest potential
  • Produce operational excellence and high-performing teams

IDEA is not separate or in addition to our work, instead it is integral to who we are and what we do. Our goal is have IDEA become second nature for each person at Berkeley Lab. We want it to become part of our DNA.

Inclusion is about welcoming and belonging.

  • Does everyone feel like they can fully contribute and be a valued member of the team?
  • Do they feel like they belong at Berkeley Lab and that are treated with dignity and respect?
  • Do they feel safe to speak up, ask questions or bring up difficult topics?

Diversity is about the mix of people you have from various backgrounds, disciplines, upbringing, cultures, approaches and the way you solve problems.

  • While it is important to have a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, diversity does not stick without inclusion
  • Environment and culture are critical so that people feel supported and included

Equity is about opportunity parity.

  • Does everyone at the Lab have a chance at success, no matter who they are and what their position is?
  • How can we remove barriers to opportunities, advancement and career growth?
  • How can we operationalize fairness and objective decision making to mitigate bias?

Accountability means responsibility.

  • Each of us responsible for creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • How can we bridge the knowledge and behavior gaps to create greater awareness and align with the IDEA values and the culture we want to create?
  • What are the goals and objectives that we want the Lab to focus on in order to make progress on IDEA?