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Accessibility Resources

If you or your guest has a disability or other requirement that needs an accommodation in order to access and use Berkeley Lab’s facilities, programs or services please see the frequently asked questions below for the type of access and contact information for those who can help.

What are the parking options for a visitor with limited mobility or mobility issues?

Other than general parking, there are two options for parking spots, all of which can be reserved through the Lab’s Visitor Pass System.

  1. Reserved – Many parking lots have reservable spots. The request is made through the Visitor Pass system and then coordinated with Security Operations and Facilities to put up the reserved signs. Be sure to request reserved spots well in advance to assure availability.
  2. Barricaded:
    1. Requesting a barricaded spot requires a PID and allows you to reserve any parking spot in a lot.
    2. The cost is based on labor rates, but it’s approximately $100 for 1-4 reserved spots. Setting up the barricades is coordinated by Security Operations and Facilities.
    3. You can request the barricade to be placed in a specific lot or you can indicate a specific spot within the parking lot. All requests and instructions should be explained in the “Other Instructions” box.
    4. The parking lots are all numbered – please use this map to indicate the lot you want
  3. Questions about parking spots? Please contact Security Operations at 486-6999.

Can I reserve an ADA designated accessible parking space?

  • No, designated accessible/ADA parking spaces cannot be reserved for use by a specific individual or group.
  • However, people with a disabled person’s parking placard from the California Department of Motor Vehicles can park in any available disabled or blue triangle parking spot.
  • Instead, you can request a reserved or barricaded spot as close to the meeting location as possible.
  • Map of all Designated Accessible Parking spaces at Berkeley Lab main site.

Can the LBL shuttles accommodate someone who uses a wheelchair or other wheeled mobility device?

  • Most LBNL shuttle vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs or similar devices.
  • Our shuttle drivers are trained to assist riders with mobility issues.
  • Questions about the shuttle? Please contact, 510-486-4165
  • Shuttle Bus website

Does the lab have assistive listening devices?

How do I hire an ALS interpreter?

Where are the gender-inclusive restrooms located?

Twenty-five buildings on the hill have gender inclusive bathrooms.

Map of gender inclusive restroom locations at Berkeley Lab main site.

Where are the lactation rooms located?

There are 19 lactation rooms across all Berkeley Lab sites.

Map and list of LBNL lactation rooms.

Room details, including how to reserve them can be found on the My Family@LBNL website.

If you are visitor and need to use one of the lactation rooms while onsite, please work with your host to reserve a room.

Have further questions? Contact us at