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IDEA Working Groups

In April 2018, approximately 50 Lab employees across Berkeley Lab came together as a working group and created six DEI Task Forces that focused on various aspects of DEI. From April 2018 – September 2019 the groups reviewed the current state of Berkeley Lab’s activities, programs, and practices, and provided their recommendations to the DEI Senior Leadership Council (SLC) for consideration.

In September 2019, the DEI Office held a Task Force Culmination Event so each group could share their process and accomplishments with the Senior Leadership Council (SLC).

Building on the Task Force recommendations, and in combination with the FY20 DEI Office Strategic Plan, there were three new working groups for FY2020:

Culture Working Group

Objective: Take responsibility for making progress in IDEA
Goal: Develop and deploy IDEA learning campaign for personal and institutional accountability; scale IDEA awareness and culture change


  • Education: Understand elements of IDEA learning campaign, including timeline, toolkits, and resources.
  • Labwide Impact: Partner with DEI Office and HR to determine and implement ideas for promoting learning, personal accountability, and culture change across the organization. Determine how to measure impact.
  • Local Impact: Determine opportunities to encourage Area and Division dialogue for local impact, including local goals if applicable. Partner with DEI Chairs Council Area representatives to develop plan for those Areas/Divisions. Determine how to measure impact.

Contact: DEI Office,

Onboarding Working Group

Objective: Improve our culture of belonging and community
Goal: Strengthen onboarding process to enhance new employee experience


  • Education: Understand work done by HR and external consultant to review current process.
  • Content: Create content for launching new onboarding program. Create content in FY20, and launch program in FY21.

Contact: Rachel Carl, Human Resources,

Diversity Working Group

Objective: Improve our under-representation in Lab demographics
Goal: Assess Lab’s under-representation of demographic populations, per the Lab’s Affirmative Action Plan – connect to external partnerships, outreach, and sourcing strategy.


  • Education: Understand underrepresented demographic data with largest gaps (data governance), become familiar with Affirmative Action Plan, and understand opportunities to narrow those gaps.
  • Lab Strategy Execution: Partner with HR and DEI Office to assist in executing action plan for FY20, specifically outreach targets.
  • Local Engagement: Partner with HR to target and encourage specific Areas and Divisions; determine how they can contribute to the Lab’s goals; create local action plans as appropriate.

Please note that the FY20 working groups are not currently meeting.

Contact: IDEA Office,

20181-209 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Forces