Berkeley Lab

IDEA Accountability Model

Laboratory Director: At the helm is Laboratory Director Mike Witherell. He serves as the Executive Champion to influence, endorse, promote, and ensure accountability for Labwide strategy and outcomes.

DEI Senior Leadership Council: Director Witherell appointed 17 members to the DEI Senior Leadership Council. The SLC is responsible for developing the Lab’s overall integrated IDEA strategy; defining initiatives and priorities; and evaluating and providing guidance on implementation of IDEA action plan.

DEI Chairs Council: Area and Lab diversity groups have representatives on the DEI Chairs Council. Council members serve as change agents to implement initiatives and solutions at the local level, monitor impact and effectiveness, and serve as a liaison for their communities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office: This structure and its members are supported by the DEI Office in the Laboratory Directorate. This group ensures coordination with Human Resources and other Lab partners to operationalize IDEA at the process and institutional level, and ensure an integrated approach for our IDEA pillars. The Chief DEI Officer reports directly to the Laboratory Director, giving additional visibility and responsibility for IDEA at the Lab.