Berkeley Lab

IDEA Senior Leadership Council

The purpose of the IDEA Senior Leadership Council (SLC) is to provide support and guidance toward achieving LBNL’s strategic goals for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA).

The IDEA Senior Leadership Council members are appointed by the Lab Director and work in partnership with the Chief Diversity Officer and the IDEA Chairs Council. They review and approve the Working Groups and Employee Resource Group (ERG) initiatives and outcomes a well as serve as executive sponsors to the ERGs and provide advice, advocacy and guidance.

Roles & Accountability

  • Partner with the Chief Diversity Officer, Task Forces, and ERGs to define and refine IDEA outcomes
  • Review progress of IDEA initiatives through scorecard and metrics
  • Serve as leader to influence & implement IDEA within their own Areas and Divisions
  • Support personal accountability of IDEA
  • Champion IDEA initiatives, speak publicly on efforts and importance of culture
  • Model behaviors of inclusive leadership
  • Develop recommendations to operationalize IDEA best practices

IDEA Senior Leadership Council Members

Michael Brandt Lab Deputy Director for Operations
David Brown Division Director, Computational Research
Bill Collins Division Director, Climate & Ecosystem Science
Margaret Dick Chief of Staff
John German Chief Strategic Communications Officer
Michelle Lee Chief Human Resources Officer
Mary Maxon Associate Lab Director, Biosciences Area
Don Medley Head of Government and Community Relations
Inder Monga Division Director, Scientific Networking
Jeff Neaton Associate Lab Director, Energy Sciences Area
Mary Ann Piette Division Director, Building Technology & Urban Systems
Mary Sidney Former Deputy of Operations, Energy Technologies Area
Blake Simmons Division Director, Biological Systems & Engineering
Horst Simon Lab Deputy Director For Research
Therea Triplett Director, Institutional Assurance and Integrity
Henrik Von Der Lippe Division Director, Engineering