Berkeley Lab

IDEA Senior Leadership Council

Formed in 2017, the IDEA Senior Leadership Council (SLC) meets on a monthly basis to provide guidance and support toward achieving our Labwide strategic goals for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA).

The IDEA Senior Leadership Council members are appointed by the Laboratory Director, and work in partnership with the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer; senior leaders; and the IDEA Chairs Council.

Roles & Responsibilities

Over the course of their 3-year term, each SLC member is responsible for the following 6 areas of contribution (in no specific order of priority):

  1. Championing & enabling implementation of IDEA best-practices and initiatives furthering IDEA strategic priorities within Areas, Divisions, and professional disciplines
  2. Sharing IDEA-related initiatives, lessons learned, and experiments being run within their Areas, Divisions, and professional disciplines
  3. Refining & amplifying the Lab’s IDEA strategic priorities & related initiatives; offering constructive feedback about key IDEA plans and initiatives
  4. Mobilizing stakeholders, as appropriate, towards key areas of need within spheres of leadership
  5. Serving as sponsors to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and IDEA Councils (Labwide, Area, and/or Division)
  6. Participating in ongoing learning, peer coaching, and mentorship around IDEA

Current IDEA Senior Leadership Council Members

Paul Adams Associate Laboratory Director, Biosciences
Michael Brandt Lab Deputy Director for Operations
Carol Burns Deputy Director of Research
Jonathan Carter Associate Lab Director, Computing Sciences
Margaret Dick Chief of Staff
John German Chief Strategic Communications Officer
Lori Zscherpel Chief Finance Officer
Michelle Lee Chief Human Resources Officer
Therese Leone Chief Counsel
Natalie Roe Associate Lab Director, Physical Sciences
Jennifer Tang Director, Community Relations


Former IDEA Senior Leadership Council Members

Bill Collins (2020)* ALD, Earth & Environmental Sciences
David Brown (2020) Division Director, Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division (AMCRD)
Henrik von der Lippe (2020) Division Director, Engineering
Theresa Triplett (2020) Division Director, Assurance & Integrity
Jeff Neaton (2020) ALD, Energy Sciences
Ravi Prasher (2022) ALD, Energy Technologies Area
Blake Simmons (2021) Division Director, Biological Systems & Engineering
Mary Maxon (2021) ALD, Biosciences (former)
Inder Monga (2021) Division Director, NERSC
Mary Sidney (2021) Senior Advisor
Horst Simon (2021) Deputy Lab Director of Research
Mary Ann Piette (2021) ALD, Energy Technologies Area
Kristin Persson (2022) Division Director, Molecular Foundry
Susan Hubbard (2022) ALD, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Minh Huebner (2022) Chief Financial Officer
Polly Arnold (2022) Division Director, Chemical Sciences
Noel Bakhtian (2023) Executive Director, Energy Storage Center
Don Medley (2022) Head of GCR
Edna Annis (2023) Chief Financial Officer


*parenthetical year indicates end of term of service