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IDEA Community of Practice

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accountability (IDEA) Community of Practice is made up of representatives from all Lab Area and Division IDEA Committees, the nine Employee Resource Groups, the DEI professional committees and the members of the IDEA Working Groups. It also includes representatives from the Lab Directorate, Human Resources, Early Career staff and the council of UC Staff Assemblies.

Members of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Diversity, Equity & Inclusion IDEA Community of Practice. 06/10/2019 Berkeley, California

Berkeley Lab’s IDEA Community of Practice reports to the Chief Diversity Officer and the IDEA Senior Leadership Council.

The purpose of the IDEA Community of Practice is to serve as a liaison between Area and Division IDEA committees, Employee Resource Groups, professional societies’ DEI /LBNL chapters and other council representatives on the development and implementation of the IDEA strategy. The council also executes and recommends solutions for represented groups as well as monitoring their impact and effectiveness.

Roles & Responsibilities include:

Over the course of their time on the council each Community of Practice Member is responsible for the following areas of contribution (in no specific order of priority):

  1. Championing & enabling implementation of IDEA best-practices and initiatives furthering IDEA strategic priorities within Areas, Divisions, and professional disciplines
  2. Sharing IDEA-related initiatives, lessons learned, and experiments being run within their Areas, Divisions, and professional disciplines
  3. Refining & amplifying the Lab’s IDEA strategic priorities & related initiatives
  4. Mobilizing stakeholders, as appropriate, towards key areas of need within spheres of leadership
  5. Participating in ongoing learning, peer coaching, and mentorship around IDEA

IDEA Community of Practice Directory:

To see the full directory go to: IDEA Community of Practice Member Roster
(available to Berkeley Lab employees only)

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