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Pathways to Report Misconduct

The Value of Each Member of our Diverse Workforce — LBNL’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion embraces and values the diversity of each and every member of our workplace community. Our community members bring together a vast array of demographics, characteristics, experiences, and attributes that cumulatively support creative and novel scientific solutions. We are from all races, we are persons of all abilities, we are LGBTQ+, our nationalities span the globe, we represent all working age groups and our members are from all religions–these characteristics are not exhaustive. Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion means that we, as an LBNL community, provide everyone equal access and opportunity to engage in the workplace. While engaging in diversity of thought and in diversity of science we strive, collectively, to achieve our LBNL mission of bringing science solutions to the world.

If you are experiencing a situation not in alignment with these values, or if you feel your rights have been violated, please report your experience to the FAIR Office, the Ethics Point or Human Resources.


Other Lab & UC Berkeley Resources:

Emergency Dial 7-911 or 9-911
Protective Services 510-486-6160
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 510-643-7754
Human Resources (Contact List) 510-486-7950


Policy Statements & Other Resources:

Harassment and Discrimination Policy Statements

UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy