Berkeley Lab

Lab Director Message: “Creating an Inclusive Community”

From an email message sent by Lab Director Mike Witherell on November 18, 2016 to the Berkeley Lab community:

XBD200403-00135-02.TIFDear friends and colleagues,

Yesterday’s Director’s Achievement Awards ceremony was a terrific opportunity to celebrate some of the many talented individuals and teams here at the Lab. It was also a chance to recall that the culture of strong dedication to our mission is central to our success.

Another important element of our culture is the daily practice of the qualities that make it possible for a large and diverse community to work well together — tolerance, courtesy and respect. Everybody who works here deserves the opportunity to join a welcoming community at work. Creating such an environment depends on official policies and practices, but it depends even more on personal responsibility. As we enter Thanksgiving week, I would ask you to commit yourself to helping us sustain such an inclusive environment here at the Lab.

Please be aware that the Lab’s policies on nondiscrimination and harassment are in place to protect our community against intolerant behaviors and speech. On behalf of myself and all of the Lab’s leadership, I ask you to help us make sure that everyone who works here is welcomed to our community.

Best regards,