Berkeley Lab

UC Berkeley Hispanic Engineers & Scientists Meet Lab Staff

UC Berkeley Hispanic Engineers and Scientists visit the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Friday, April 28, 2017 in Berkeley, Calif. 04/28/17

Berkeley Lab’s Protocol Office recently hosted the undergraduate academic group Hispanic Engineers and Scientists of UC Berkeley on April 28, 2017.  Eleven students from the organization visited the Lab, where they met with staff members in both the science and operations areas.

Their visit started with a welcome from Michelle Scanlon, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, followed by an overview of recruitment at the Lab by Rachel Carl, Field Services and Recruitment Team Manager.  Students also participated in a “meet and greet” session and were introduced to Javier Ceja-Navarro, research scientist in Earth and Environmental Sciences; Erin Fong, electrical engineer postdoc; and Greg Scharfstein, mechanical engineer.  Their visit concluded with a tour of the Engineering Division’s machine shop led by Rob Duarte, as well as a tour of the Advanced Light Source (ALS) led by Ashley White.

Teresa Martinez, a UC Berkeley undergraduate student, commented on her experience at the Lab.  “What interests me the most about the national lab environment is the constant search for innovation to find solutions to real life problems.  I am especially interested in improving medical technology and imaging systems.”  Martinez also described the importance of mentorship and connecting with professionals in their field.  “It is important for us as students to connect with national lab researchers because they are the ones who can guide and mentor us.  Hopefully, we can work with them someday.  Connecting with current researchers is a fundamental part of our professional development.  National labs can inspire younger generations to continue searching for answers to scientific enigmas.”