Berkeley Lab

Ally Visibility Campaign Launched for LGBTQ Pride Month

The Lambda Alliance, Berkeley Lab’s LGBTQ association and Employee Resource Group, is launching its Ally Visibility Campaign, in time for LGBTQ Pride Month.  Allies are invited to click here and display an “ally card” at their workstation.  These are half-sheet displays with the “Role of an Ally” listed on the back:

  • Get to know your colleagues. Make time to speak to your LGBTQ colleagues, friends, and family about their experiences.
  • Practice the Platinum Rule. Treat others the way they want to be treated. By not making the assumption that their identity and beliefs are similar to yours, you will be able to affirm their reality.
  • Be visible. Make clear statements about the importance of LGBTQ equality to you.
  • Put words into practice. Support the Lambda Alliance by attending events and bringing your colleagues along.
  • Make it natural. Be yourself.

You can learn more about being an ally by visiting the Straight for Equality website.  Click here to learn more about the Lambda Alliance.

Note: Thanks to our partners at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and Deutsche Bank for sharing this best practice of promoting ally cards.