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“Vantage Points to Conceptualizing Diversity” Videos and Inclusion Challenge Now Available

As a follow-up to the talk given by Dr. Steve Robbins on July 26-27, 2017, the Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) is launching a Labwide inclusion program called “Inclusion Starts with a Conversation.”  DIO, along with the Diversity and Inclusion Council, invite all Lab employees to watch the inclusion videos and join the inclusion conversation challenge!

Round 3 – October Videos:

Theme: “Vantage Points to Conceptualizing Diversity”

For this round, we will have the following videos available:

  • Defining Diversity (3 min. 18 sec.)
  • The Diversity of Star Trek (2 min. 45 sec.)

Click here to view the videos. 


Join the Inclusion Conversation Challenge!

Collect all the cards! Win a prize! Help your Division win a prize!

How it works:

Each month a set of short inclusion videos will be released. There will be an announcement on TABL, but you can always check this website for access to the current and all previous rounds of videos. Accompanying each set of videos is a short quiz. If you watch the videos you’ll be able to answer the quiz. Most videos are only 2-4 minutes long.

Collect all the cards!

Each round in which you correctly answer the quiz you’ll receive a round card. You get a point for each card you collect, plus 5 bonus points if you were within the first 10 people to correctly answer each question in that round.

Post your card next to your name tag outside your office or cubicle!

Points for the Inclusion Conversation Challenge


  • Total possible points per person for the full 13 rounds: 78 = (13 cards + 13×5 bonus points)
  • Post all your round cards next to your name tag outside your office or cubicle! Top 10 Berkeley Lab employees with the highest number of points earned [with cards posted] every 3 months will get a prize.
  • All Berkeley Lab employees are encouraged to join the conversation and challenge.
  • You are only eligible to win if you post all your round cards next to your name tag outside your office or cubicle!


  • Divisions will be ranked by the total points earned in the division as a percent of total possible. Only Active Term or Career employees, Postdocs, and Rehired Retirees points count towards a division’s ranking (both in calculation of points earned and points possible).
  • Each division will receive 10 bonus points for each hosted facilitated group discussion.
  • The highest ranked division in the lab at the end of the Inclusion Conversation Challenge (after July 2018) will get a prize.

Prizes for the Inclusion Conversation Challenge


  • Inclusion Conversation with Lab Director, Mike Witherell, for top 10 point earners every 3 months (each individual can earn this prize only once)
  • Overall top 3 points earners at the end of the series will receive a prize, TBD

Divisions with the most points (weighted according to # of employees) will receive a prize: TBD