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Top 20 Winners Announced for Inclusion Video Series

As a follow-up to the talk given by Dr. Steve Robbins, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Office launched a Labwide inclusion program called “Inclusion Starts with a Conversation.”  Each month, Berkeley Lab released three videos produced by Dr. Robbins with a theme to highlight specific ideas related to DEI.  This month’s theme, for example, is on the “Unintended Consequences of Familiarity.”  Lab employees are encouraged to watch these inclusion videos and earn points by completing a challenge question.

Since the launch of the program last August 2017, Berkeley Lab has released 30 videos, with 10 more remaining.  So far, the top 20 point earners have met for “Coffee and Conversation” with Lab Director Mike Witherell.  Director Witherell has now hosted two of these events (10 winners every three months), and engaged Lab staff in lively discussions around DEI and how they can apply these concepts in their professional and personal lives.  During these events, a “sneak peek” of a video that has not yet been released to the public has also been screened.  Two more events will be hosted with 20 additional winners.

“Inclusion conversations between the Lab Director and employees are important because they provide an opportunity for sharing information and thoughts around equity, inclusion, and diversity,” says Stacy Curry from Engineering, who is part of the DEI coordination team for rolling out the videos.  “Employees are able to preview an inclusion video and express their related thoughts, feelings, and experiences at the Laboratory and beyond.  The Lab Director has the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their perspectives around DEI, including possible experiences of exclusion.  The more we can try to understand others, the better we can be at fostering an inclusive workplace.”

Congratulations to our Quarter 1 and 2 winners!

  1. Alice Muller-Egan
  2. Andrew Satchwell
  3. Annette Greiner
  4. Arian Aghajanzadeh
  5. Christopher Payne
  6. David Stein
  7. Evangelos Vossos
  8. Giulia Gallo
  9. Heidi Fuchs
  10. Helena Cheng
  11. Juliane Mueller
  12. Kerri Peyovich
  13. Marissa Smithwick
  14. Michael Kritscher
  15. Natalie Larson
  16. Parisa Farvid
  17. Rebecca Hartman-Baker
  18. Rita Garcia
  19. Susan Caldwell
  20. Veronica Rivas-Yoos

Berkeley Lab invites all staff to participate in the “Inclusion Starts with a Conversation” challenge, going on now through August 2018.  For any questions, please contact