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Kang and Monga on What Their Asian American Heritage Means to Them

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Julie Kang

I immigrated from South Korea to southern California as a child. I was lucky to grow up knowing my native language, traditions, and food, which I now share with my children. I view my story as a quintessentially Asian American one, where I learned to find my personal balance amongst the various cultures and philosophies around me. I am also aware that as a person of color, my actions, fortunately or unfortunately, reflect upon my race as a whole. So I devote my energy to moving the needle closer to a truly just society, and raise my children to do the same.

Inder Monga

A snippet of exchange in my native language with an uber driver, greeting ‘Sat Sri Akal’ while passing a fellow Sikh traveler in an airport, praying at our place of worship ‘Gurudwara’ on the weekend, or watching my kids do Bhangra in festivals like ‘Vaisakhi’, are all ways I stay connected while deeply appreciating the opportunity to live in a diverse environment in the Bay Area.