Berkeley Lab

Lab Responses to “What does inclusion mean to you?”

Some 200 staff and affiliates — online, offsite, and in the cafeteria — have answered the question “What Does Inclusion Look Like?” Here are their responses.

You can be yourself, feel welcomed and part of the group, and can walk away feeling good knowing you are genuinely liked regardless of color, sex, gender, race, or beliefs.

ONENESS in science and humanity, that’s INCLUSION.

Taking diverse Opinions and actually incorporating them in Decision-making

All thoughts and ideas welcome with kindness, fairness, and an open mind for better understanding.

Team building

Your ideas are considered

Authentic Self

Being heard as a respected contributor without bias. Imagine for a moment that you close your eyes and truly listen with a filter that precludes your ability to determine gender, ethnicity, or rank. Now that would be special talent!!!

Being judged by my opinion and experience, not by the color of my skin.

Acceptance and respect

Belonging, being in the know, participating, being heard, feeling valued.

Being heard for my perspective.

Try to get shy people to involve in conversations.

Actively seeking ways to work towards providing equal opportunity to all.

Be appreciated and respected as a valuable part of JGI/LBNL scientific community. Seeing other people be appreciated and valued as a valuable part based on their contributions regardless of their gender, color (or other’s perception of their color) or other individual preferences that have no connection to scientific   and ethical value of that person’s contribution and effort in maintaining and or creating a healthy and prosperous scientific environment.

I can say what I really think (my ideas) and not fear that someone will disagree

Being respected as a human being.

Innovative ideas from previously ignored voices being valued and discussed

Everyone who does science is a scientist, regardless of degrees

The opposite of exclusion and isolation

Diversity sparks innovation by bringing different perspectives and solutions. Include everyone.

Tolerance, Culture, Mindfulness, Social Connection, Generosity, Compassion, Understanding, Communication, Humanity

Valued, appreciated, accepted and belonging within a group creating a happy employee and a happy, healthy, safe, productive environment.

Having a seat at the table

Forsaking convenience and tradition to promote the needs of many

Infrastructure that supports differently-abled, gender non-conforming, and diverse people

Putting out calls for diverse input before instituting new practices

Not relying solely on underprivileged groups to make changes

Practice respect, make mistakes, humble yourself, and become more informed

People smiling at each other in the hallway 🙂

Respect everyone as unique individuals.


Everyone has a voice.

A world with love!

Be respected, appreciated, and valued.

Respecting and embracing diversity.

Bringing my whole self to the work.



Feel part of the team.

It means RAINBOW!

Everybody can fit in the same place.


Consideration of others.

Ohana means inclusion, inclusion means nobody gets left behind or forgotten


Treat everyone with respect.

Engaging with and listening to others.

Engaging in listening to others.

Us, not them.

Inclusion is synonymous with accepting and respecting people as they are, and for who and what they are, regardless of how close or far we might identify with them. People shouldn’t have to look, sound, talk or share our particular backgrounds in order to be included.

Everyone has a voice regardless of sex, gender, race, and school of thought.

Curiosity, learning, and respect

Checking in to see how everyone is doing

Being involved culturally.

share with many others

Evaluating people based on what they bring to the table and not their skin color.

Who has a seat at the table? Who is missing?

Being quiet for others to speak.


Not judging others.

Make the world a better and more peaceful place

Creating an inclusive environment is not just about having a diverse set of perspectives, voices, and backgrounds at the table. It requires ACTION, open communication, and willingness to learn from one another. In addition to creating a safe and welcoming space, it requires holding one another accountable, pointing out microaggressions, acknowledging inequalities, recognizing biases both personally and institutionally, and working to change them.

Making people feel like they enjoy being at work.

Respect for everyone.

Friends not yet met

I belong here.

Inclusion is not feeling foreign.

To feel free to express myself.

Being able to be myself.

Inclusion means being included and accepted no matter the differences.

Everyone deserves to be heard

Being respectful of others’ ideas and opinions.


Acceptance independent of role or seniority.


Building a stronger team.

Not only being invited to the party but being asked to dance.

Consider the needs and desires of others.

People know what they should not say or could hurt other people.

Everyone is listened to and their input is heard and valued. We all contribute.

Not exclusion


Being included in team discussions.

Hearing everyone’s voice

…open to different cultures, ideas, and opinions…

Someone is doing the including and someone else is dependent on them to be included.

Accept others and being accepted by others.

We are all equal when we trim the edges away.

Being part of a team.

Everyone has a voice and is accepted.

Being loved.

Accept and value diverse life experiences.

Being valued for who I am.

Feeling accepted for being myself.

Everyone’s ideas matter, everyone’s presence matters, and everyone’s work matters .

I’m not too old to learn new things.

Being part of a group.

More representation.

Ideas can be shared and spread and ideas can grow.

Feeling part of the solution and not the problem; integration that leads to success.

Comfortable in my own skin.

Acceptance at all levels.

Better solutions.

Us not them

Everyone has power over the things that affect them

Being part of a team; equality.

Non exclusion.

Not pooh-poohing ideas if they are different from yours.

People are included no matter what ethnicity and social background.

Seen.  Heard.  Valued.

All kinds of processes and decisions are done with broad information without discrimination and biases.

All people, regardless of physical and psychological abilities can participate in life and work.

Everybody feeling they can take part.

Working in a division environment and together as a team.

Friendly atmosphere.

Not excluded.


Be happy.

Being a part of a group.

Being invited to dance!

Sense of belonging and togetherness.

Being tolerant of other people’s views.

Listen to what I have to say.

Chopsticks in the cafeteria.

Having a team that can think creatively by spurring ideas from different backgrounds.

Hearing everyone’s voice

Not being harassed, beaten, or killed.

Matrixed employees — diversity of approach and thought and priorities and risks.

Feeling whole

Listening to people.

Listening and wide-reaching

Being valued for who I am 🙂

Imperfections on a diamond are accepted



Giving everybody a chance; accepting everybody for who they are.

My presence (outward appearance), ideas, contributions and my role are valued and recognized as a member of the Lab community and as a contributing member to the mission of the Lab.

Inclusion means actions, not just a slogan

Being valued as an individual, and as a part of a larger team.

We’re all created equally so let’s treat each other equally.

Making a part of the bigger team.

Inclusion means every voice matters!

Love !!!


The action of including or the feeling of being included within an organization

Inclusion is fostering an environment where all people feel safe to freely participate and contribute.

Making space for others — and allowing everyone to feel like they are part of the team.

Being accepted and not judged based on language, religion, country of origin, my personal values. Being helped if help is needed.

When everyone feels invited.

Having allies & being an ally


Leaving room for opinions I disagree with.

Diverse perspectives for better solutions.

It means old guys like me are welcome.

Being valued for who I am.

everyone has an equal voice

Not feeling alone

Equal access for everyone

Actually SEEING it in action!

Differences don’t make things “awkward”


Value my experience. Don’t ask when I’m retiring?

I feel heard and appreciated, and I strive to have everyone else feel the same

I am accepted

I am heard

I belong here

Dismantling stereotypes

When people don’t have to feel persecuted for having “conservative” viewpoints.

When everyone’s voice is heard and respected, even if you don’t agree.

It makes me want to include others and pay it forward

we are all part of the same team here and that is why we work together

I really like to work here and I want this place to be even better by working on inclusion because it is part of the solution

Team Science!

Part of the whole

Great place to work!!



We need to work on this idea (no pun intended)

I like my team and I feel that they involve me

I want to be part of team science

Involved and creative to be included


Creative and resourceful



Wonderful to be a part of it



Team member