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Employee Assistance Program: Mental Health Support for Black and African American Faculty and Staff

Current and historical events across our nation are impacting many of our UC Berkeley faculty and staff, and are particularly impacting our Black and African American community. Be Well at Work – Employee Assistance joins UHS and the University of California, Berkeley, in expressing our grief, outrage, and compassion to all those who have been impacted by the race-based tragedies that have been occurring across our nation.

We are saddened and appalled by the recent racially-motivated murders of Black people in this country and stand in solidarity with our Black and African American staff and community. We understand that these crises are not specific to this moment and are enmeshed within larger structures of racism. While these tragedies can be traumatizing for all of us, we recognize that they may be especially injurious to members of our Black and African American community.

Be Well at Work stands against racism and hate in all of its forms. As mental health clinicians, we acknowledge the grief, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, outrage, and/or guilt that these killings create in our community. As a service, Be Well at Work – Employee Assistance is committed to providing affirming and racial trauma-informed care for our faculty and staff who have been directly or vicariously impacted by trauma.  

Employee Assistance employs mental health professionals who are trained to support individuals from a wide array of identities, and our counselors can provide direct support with coping and healing. Additionally, referring people to therapists and other community resources is one of the core services that Employee Assistance provides. We can assist you with getting connected to someone of a preferred identity after an initial consultation.

Counselors are available for free and confidential phone and video counseling appointments for faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and post docs at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

  • Call Be Well at Work – Employee Assistance at (510) 643-7754 for an appointment

  • Email Be Well at Work – Employee Assistance at

  • Visit the Be Well at Work-Employee Assistance website for more information about services, and for links to mental health resources for our Black and African American community.

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