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Vi Rapp Gives Women@The Lab Talk – July 17, 2020

The July WSEC brown bag features a talk by Women @ The Lab honoree Vi Rapp, Ph.D., a Research Scientist in ETA. 

Date: Friday, July 17

Time: 12 – 1 pm


Solving our burning problems
Combustion systems are globally ubiquitous, generating more than 80% of global energy consumed. Many of these systems can produce unwanted and harmful pollutants that adversely impact the climate and human health. Efforts to reduce unwanted pollutants with more efficient systems have predominantly focused on transportation and electricity generation. However, the greatest harm may come from indoor systems such as those for cooking and heating. In this presentation, Vi will describe how her career path at Berkeley Lab brought her to focus primarily on cleaner ways to burn things indoors to improve human health. Please join us for this igniting talk!

Vi Rapp is a problem-solving Research Scientist who advances technology, software, and data analysis to improve human health. She leads and directs research on low-carbon combustion technologies at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. More specifically, Dr. Rapp:

  • develops new low-emissions technologies for residential-heating and distributed energy generation;
  • leverages machine learning to identify bio-derived molecules that can improve air quality and public health;
  • advances technologies for the developing world – biomass cookstoves and a low-cost, robust warmer for preventing neonatal hypothermia; and
  • evaluates opportunities for implementing and improving district energy and combined heat and power systems.

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These brown bags provide the opportunity for dialog and discussions on topics chosen by WSEC members, as well as talks by Women @ The Lab honorees and other speakers.