Berkeley Lab

Summer STEM Series for High Schoolers – July 24 & 31

The Lab’s K-12 Education and Outreach office is hosting a summer seminar series for high school students on STEM careers. The first panel, on July 10 at 10 a.m., will focus on science communication. Encourage your kids, as well as family and friends with children in high school, to participate.


Each week, researchers and experts are sharing their experiences with high school students and help them prepare for careers in STEM.

Seminars will take place on Fridays from 10am-11:30am PST. Our goal is to provide multiple perspectives on what careers in STEM look like, as well as provide insight on how students can work towards such careers. This is an opportunity for students to bring up questions they may have. We will invite you to the event with your registration email. Make sure to register separately for each date if you plan on attending multiple webinars!

July 24 – Biosciences with the Chakraborty Lab

Dr. Romy Chakraborty is the Ecology Department Head at Berkeley Lab. Her group studies microbes and their role in the environment. Dr. Chakraborty and her lab members will be talking about their experiences in biology research.

July 31 – Material Sciences with the Griffin Lab

Dr. Sinéad Griffin is a staff scientist in both the Molecular Foundry and the Materials Science Division whose lab studies material challenges in technology and physics. Dr. Griffin will be joined by lab members to talk about their experiences in research.