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Latin American Heritage Month 3Q4: Armando Casillas

We kick off the first day of Latin American Heritage Month with three questions for Armando Casillas, a scientific engineer in the Energy Technologies Area. Learn how he connects with and draws from his culture at work and personally. Look for a 3Q4 each week during Latin American Heritage Month.

Armando Casillas, of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division in the Energy Technologies Area, has worked at the Lab for a little over one year. He is a Scientific Engineering Associate working on a few projects related to grid-interactive efficient buildings. Casillas is partnering with other national labs to improve fault detection and diagnostic algorithms for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and helping with the development of demand flexibility metrics for commercial buildings. These efforts help in the development of buildings that are intelligent and aware of electric grid energy supply and that reduce their consumption along the way.

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