Berkeley Lab

Visible Spectrum: Faith Dukes, K-12 STEM Education

Head shot Faith DukesThe Visible Spectrum series spotlights talented and dedicated women employees across the Lab. In this month’s installment, learn how Faith Dukes encourages students to consider a career pathway in STEM through the Lab’s multiple educational programs.

Faith Dukes holds a doctorate in physical chemistry and acts as the manager of K-12 STEM education and outreach programs at the Lab. Through her role, she is also an advocate for removing barriers and helping students find their way into STEM majors and professions.

Outside of the Lab, Faith is an avid boxer after joining a mixed martial arts gym while in graduate school. She notes: “Boxing was the best way to stop thinking about failing experiments and focus on what was right in front of me. I’ve continued boxing for the past eight years and it’s a great outlet. If anyone has the time, they’ll be able to find my one and only boxing match online.”

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