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Three Questions for Army Veteran Blair Edwards

Headshot with ERG logoBlair Edwards didn’t come from a military family, but he and his wife, who also served, have started a military dynasty. He entered the U.S. Army from high school after he took the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB) as part of his high school graduation requirements. The results showed him new options which included travel and five years in Hawaii.

It must have been exciting to be 19 and starting on a new adventure. Where were you stationed and what did you do?

I was a signal intelligence morse interceptor which was exciting work for a 19-year-old. Since I was often working with highly classified information, I learned things that most teens don’t get to learn about the world around them. I was stationed in Hawaii for five years, which was also a plus, but the schedule was six days on two days off, with a rotating schedule between days, swing, and graveyard shifts. It was hard but incredible.

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