Berkeley Lab

Live Science: Element of Discovery – February 5, 2021

The Live Science Series is hosted by the K-12 STEM Education and Outreach team at Berkeley Lab. Each episode in the series highlights research at the lab in a fun and simple way for the public to learn more about exciting STEM research. The Live Science series has explored topics including 3D design, atmospheric science, particle detection, and more!

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The Element of Discovery:

National Periodic Table Day (February 7) is just around the corner and we will be talking about the process of discovering, or creating, new elements. So far, Berkeley Lab has helped discover 16 elements on the periodic table! Are we close to finding another?


  • Cindy Lee – Advanced Light Source Communications and Outreach Specialist
  • Rebecca Carney – Nuclear Sciences Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Jennifer Pore – Nuclear Sciences Project Scientist
  • Mariah Parker – Chemical Sciences Postdoctoral Scholar