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Be Well at Work Spring 2021 Eldercare Workshops

couple walking down pathUC Berkeley’s Be Well at Work Program has five eldercare workshops coming up. Registration is required.

Financial Planning Options for Long Term Care- Wed 2/10; 12:10–1:30pm

With rising costs of medical expenses, planning for long term care for yourself or a loved one can be complex and challenging. Solutions require all or a combination of: the coordination of the family’s personal and financial resources, insurance benefits, and public benefits planning. Come learn more about the various Financial Planning options for Long Term Care.

Helping an Elder Remain at Home Safely – Wed 3/10; 12:10–1:30pm

Caring for a frail elder or an elder with dementia, who may be living “independently” at home can create feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and helplessness as you struggle with how and when to help, and where to turn for reliable assistance. This informative workshop will help you better understand the various services available, both locally and long distance, that support an elder to remain at home safely. Home care, home health care, care management, assisted living, and the role of a fiduciary will be presented.

Communication and Dementia – Tue 4/13; 12:10–1:30pm

As people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress in their journey and as their ability to use words is lost, family members need new ways to connect with them. Join us to explore how communication changes for a person with Alzheimer’s, learn to decode their verbal and behavioral messages, and identify strategies to help you communicate at each stage of the disease.

Who Will Care for Me? – Wed 5/19; 12:10–1:30pm

Caregivers often do a good job of caring for others: a frail elder, a young child, a friend or partner, but often don’t have the time or capacity to care for themselves, including planning for their own later years. When you ask yourself, “Who will care for me,” the question may raise fears, uncertainty, denial, overwhelm, or paralysis. This workshop will serve as a starting point to help you begin to create a plan of emotional support, as well as to learn or review medical, legal, and financial considerations.

(Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash)