Berkeley Lab

The Physicist Mystique – Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Sinéad Griffin, Molecular Foundry/Materials Sciences Division, Berkeley Lab invites you to attend The Foundry’s 2023 Spring-Summer Seminar Series:
The Physicist Mystique

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Time: 11:00 am

Talk Title: The Physicist Mystique

Location: 67-3111 & Zoom

Dr. Sinéad M. Griffin
Staff Scientist, Theory of Nanostructured Materials

Dr. Sinéad M. Griffin, is a Staff Scientist in the Materials Science Division and Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab. She leads the Griffin Group, a computation group that solves materials challenges ranging from future technologies to high-energy physics. Dr. Griffin received her PhD from ETH Zürich in 2014. From 2015-18 she was an SNF postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab, becoming staff scientist in both the Molecular Foundry and the Materials Science Division in 2018. Griffin received the Swiss Physical Society Award for General Physics in 2017 and a Berkeley Lab Early Career LDRD in 2018. She is also actively involved in promoting science in Africa, and since 2010 has lectured throughout the continent as part of the African School on Electronic Structure: Theory and Applications (ASESMA).

Her research uses a combination of analytical and computational methods to understand, manipulate and design functional properties in quantum materials. These include magnetic, multiferroic and topological order, with applications ranging from quantum information science to next-generation microelectronics. She is particularly interested in the interface between condensed matter science and high-energy physics, and her work currently includes the design of materials for dark matter detection.