Berkeley Lab

Director’s Statement

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) plays an important and distinctive role within DOE’s network of great national laboratories. We celebrate our rich tradition of multi-disciplinary science that was begun by our founder, E. O. Lawrence.  For us to remain at the forefront of science now and in the future, we need to create an even more inclusive environment and to attract a more diverse workforce than any scientific laboratory has today.With greater diversity in our leadership, more family-friendly policies, and training in implicit bias, we have made a strong start. But it is only the beginning of a process that requires continual improvement.

We are committed to long-term efforts to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion become hallmarks of the Berkeley Lab culture. This will require steady attention and effort, we know that our success as a national lab depends upon our ability to create a community that brings together people with diverse backgrounds, points of view, and approaches to problem-solving, and who are committed to bringing science solutions to the world.