Berkeley Lab

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative was launched in 2013 as one of Berkeley Lab’s key strategies for lab development.

Our Vision Statement

Berkeley Lab has a tradition of multidisciplinary teams working together to bring science solutions to the world. Fostering a diverse workforce – in experience, perspective and background – and culture of inclusion are key to attracting and engaging the brightest minds and furthering our record of scientific excellence and groundbreaking innovation.

Six Strategies

1. Take Leadership on Diversity & Inclusion

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Raised awareness among senior management on the state of diversity at Berkeley Lab; began conversation and engagement at Area and Division levels

2. Broaden and Refine Our Recruiting and Hiring Process

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Improved partnership between recruitment team and hiring managers
  • Visible guidance for open and fair recruitment process

3. Grow Our Own

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Sponsored two Women at the Lab events, received very positive feedback from the Lab and DOE-HQ
  • Piloting four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Veterans, LGBTQ, Individuals with Disabilities, Postdocs
  • Conducted succession planning, identifying high potential talent

4. Ensure a Family-Friendly Workplace

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Enhanced bereavement leave and parking policies
  • Created 20 lactation rooms, fully equipped with hospital grade pumps
  • Created collection of family-friendly resources at

5. Assess and Address Our Equitability

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Annual scientists and engineers compensation review, at the division level by senior management

6. Enhance Awareness and Communication

Accomplishments (summary):

  • Employee profiles in TABL for specific heritage months
  • “Perspectives on Diversity” speakers series
  • Sponsored five annual Diversity Festivals