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Equity is About Opportunity Parity

While diversity is making sure many backgrounds and perspectives are represented, equity is about making sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Equity deals with the Lab’s goals and processes that will remove barriers to fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement at the Lab.

➔ Request:  As you prepare to lead future discussions on equity with your team, ask yourself these questions:

  • When assigning a project lead or group lead, regardless if it is considered a formal promotion, how are these decisions made? How are you operationalizing fairness and transparency in your process?
  • In reviewing your diverse candidate pool in the recruitment process, are you or your recruiter observing an equitable rate of progression, or are certain groups falling out of the process?
  • When considering how your team members advance in their careers, how can you remove barriers for objective decision-making such as process improvement or implicit bias mitigation?

How Can Equity Make Your Team Stronger?

Equity is about opportunity parity. It is about removing barriers to access, fair treatment, opportunity, and advancement. Berkeley Lab’s Chief Diversity Officer Lady Idos has reflective questions for team leaders on equity.

Theresa Triplett on Equity at Berkeley Lab

Equity is about giving people the opportunity to excel at whatever they do according to Theresa Triplett, Compliance and Ethics Manager at Berkeley Lab. Theresa talks about how, when people can be their best selves, they bring all of their skills and talents to address workplace challenges.

Equity Leadership Training from LinkedIn Learning

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