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Start With Inclusion

The Lab’s Inclusion strategy is to build a welcoming environment where staff feel respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. IDEA — inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability — is a permanent feature of the culture at Berkeley Lab.

Inclusion at Berkeley Lab

Inclusion means creating a welcome and belonging environment at Berkeley Lab. It means all members of our teams feel free to bring their best selves to work every day. Berkeley Lab’s Chief Diversity Officer Lady Idos asks reflective questions for team leaders on inclusion.

➔ Request:  As you prepare to lead the discussion on Inclusion with your team, ask yourself, and then your team, these questions:

  • Do all your team members feel like they can fully contribute and be a valued member of the team?
  • Do all your team members feel safe to speak up, ask questions, or bring up difficult topics with the team?
  • Do they feel like they can make mistakes and discuss them as part of the team?
  • Do you have a welcoming and belonging team?

Mary Ann Piette on Inclusion

What makes Berkeley Lab special? Mary Ann Piette, Division Director, Building Technology and Urban Systems at Berkeley Lab think it is the combination of the diverse cultures and the diverse science that employees bring to the Lab. Mary Ann talks about why inclusion is important to science, and gives tips for team leaders on how to build a more inclusive team.

Supervisor Resources

LinkedIn Learning Courses: Inclusive Leadership training for Berkeley Lab employees

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