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Unlocking IDEAs Through Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability

The Lab is launching IDEA, a permanent focus on the principles and behaviors that will lead to a better, more inclusive Lab culture. IDEA is an acronym and a set of ideas representing the four elements of the Lab’s diversity framework:

  • Inclusion: Efforts to build a welcoming environment, where staff feel respected, supported, valued, and invited to fully participate.
  • Diversity: Ways the organizational culture supports, celebrates, and encourages the creativity and problem-solving advantages that arise from a variety of experiences, values, world views, and approaches among contributors.
  • Equity: Goals and processes that remove barriers to fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement at the Lab.
  • Accountability: Individual and collective responsibility to manage and implement IDEA’s goals and behaviors, and promote personal investment for individuals to help make the Lab more inclusive, diverse, and equitable in our day-to-day roles.

IDEA materials, learning tools, and team activities are designed to help you, as a leader at the Lab, fulfill your responsibility to model inclusive leadership and lead your team toward behaviors that support an inclusive and engaged Lab culture.

The Supervisor Resources section of our website will introduce you to the elements of IDEA and include videos from senior Lab leaders who are promoting inclusive workplaces and teams, summaries of recent research, messages from Chief Diversity Officer Lady Idos, and other resources.

➔ Request: Whether you are a seasoned inclusive leader or just getting started, please spend time focusing on the suggested materials, taking the opportunity to build your skills and expertise.