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Introducing IDEA at Berkeley Lab

About 70 Lab employees took the time to share their thoughts on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability in a video series that will be shared with you in the coming weeks. This first video shows what happened when employees were asked to reflect on a time they felt excluded.  

Did You Know? Director’s Award Includes Diversity Category

Do you know an employee or a team of employees whose efforts are promoting a diverse and inclusive community at the Lab? In 2018 Rita Garcia received the Director’s Award in the diversity category. Nominations are due June 30. More information>>

Visit New Diversity Library in Cafeteria Reading Lounge

If you’re looking for ideas to promote communication in the office or just want to learn more about diversity in the workplace, visit the new diversity library located in Building 54 (downstairs from the cafeteria). Books may be checked out for up to 30 days. A list of titles is below. If you’d like to […]

Genomics Division’s Diversity Retreat Seeks to Overcome Implicit Bias, Raise Awareness

The Genomics Division has already achieved one major culture shift: safety has become a deeply embedded value. Repeated training and awareness-raising have slashed the injury rate within just a few years. Now director Eddy Rubin hopes to achieve a similar shift with regard to the division’s diversity and inclusion culture. To that end, the division […]

A Message from Lab Director Paul Alivisatos on Inclusiveness

Recently I read a column in the New York Times that really caught my eye. It described how women are “interrupted or shot down before finishing their pitch,” usually by male colleagues, and as a result “women often decide that saying less is more.”

Lab Director Holds Diversity and Inclusion Retreat for Lab Leaders

Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos held a day-long retreat last month for the lab’s division directors and associate lab directors to strategize several proposals and approaches for the Lab’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. The Initiative seeks to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture so as to attract and retain top talent for pursuing […]

Berkeley Lab Makes Major Push to Diversify Workforce

National Labs’ HR Directors Convene First-Ever Diversity Forum

The Chief Human Resources Officers of 16 Department of Energy national labs convened their first-ever forum on diversity and inclusion earlier this month. Led by Vera Potapenko, Berkeley Lab’s Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, the two-day meeting in Washington, D.C. set several goals for the coming year, including improving the recruitment process and targeting select minority STEM organizations for outreach.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Focus Groups Wrapped Up

Recruiting practices, work/life balance, and more mentoring programs were some of the top issues brought up by employees who attended one of six diversity and inclusion focus groups last month. The goal of the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is to foster a diverse workforce—in experience, perspective and background—and culture of inclusion in order to attract […]

Announcing Lab’s New Diversity & Inclusion Website