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Three Steps — and Three Tools — To Engage Your Team

Frame as a learning problem. Acknowledge fallibility. Model curiosity. These are three ways to bring psychological safety to your team. The IDEA website has discussion-starters, additional readings, and videos for those who want to delve deeper into the topic.

Mary Sidney on Extending Grace as We Learn

IDEA is a journey at the Lab, with everyone at their own stage of learning, that will include some difficult conversations. Energy Technologies Area’s Mary Sidney shares her thoughts about extending grace to others on the journey.

TEDx Talk on Psychological Safety

In her TEDx talk, social scientist Amy Edmondson, the researcher who coined the term “team psychological safety,” explains how giving team members a voice is necessary for safety, innovation, and learning.

Lady Idos On the Value of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety in the work environment allows team members to feel safe to take risks. When team members feel safe, they are more effective, engaged, and stay longer, explains Chief DEI Officer Lady Idos in this short video.