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Lab Will Soon Have 20 Designated Lactation Rooms (Updated Map)

hpcollageBerkeley Lab will soon have a total of 20 onsite and offsite designated lactation rooms for nursing mothers.  Click here to view the list of rooms.  The Lab map also been updated.  Four lactation rooms are coming soon, including B59 (CRT), B30 (SERC), B33 (GPL), and B70A.  Additionally, two hospital-grade pumps are available, one onsite in B90-1045, and one offsite in B977 on Potter St.

Berkeley Lab’s goal is to provide a supportive, family-friendly work environment.  To accommodate nursing mothers, the Lab has a Lactation Accommodation Program that provides the time and space needed during the workday.  Supervisors are encouraged to consider flexible scheduling to accommodate lactation needs.  To learn more about the program, please visit our website or email