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Lab Creates Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines – 2016

Cover - Workplace Gender Transition GuidelinesAs of 2020, there is revised set of guidelines, please visit our Gender Identity and Transition in the Workplace page for more information.

Berkeley Lab has recently launched its labwide “Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines”.  Click here to learn more.  This document is intended to delineate workplace guidelines for addressing the needs and issues that arise in the workplace when a transgender person transitions on the job at the Lab.  Given that many transitioning employees must come out to their employers in order to live consistently with their gender identity full-time, employers necessarily become involved in an employee’s transition.

Additionally, an appendix has also been included called “Creating a Plan”, which lists potential steps or items of consideration for the transitioning employee.  It lists estimated timelines and possible dependencies for each step, with the goal of facilitating a smooth process.

These guidelines support Berkeley Lab’s Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy, which includes gender identity and expression.  This document is intended to be used by those who may be or are transgender, their co-workers, managers, operations support, and allies.  As with all change, gender transitions affect many people – the individual transitioning, supervisors, peers, and users.  These guidelines provide a starting point for building awareness, and are provided to ensure success on behalf of all parties involved.

The guidelines were created by the Employee Resource Group (ERG) under Berkeley Lab’s Lambda Alliance: Amanda Krieger, Deb Agarwal, Elijah Goodfriend, Lady Idos, Laleh Coté, and Susan Synarski.  The ERG works on policies, procedures, and practices to help enhance the work environment for LGBTQ employees and allies.  The committee reviewed several best practices and comparable guidelines from various companies, and worked with our partners at the Transgender Law Center to finalize the document.  The guidelines were launched this month at the LGBTQ Pride Networking Event on June 23rd.

If you have any questions, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) at