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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are associations of employees who are organized around a primary diversity or inclusion dimension and work on furthering the Lab’s business goals (through strategic initiatives, deliverables, and policy-related goals stated in their annual charter).  ERGs receive formal recognition and support from their Executive Sponsor.  ERGs promote opportunities for professional growth and development, provide an opportunity for informal networking, and support the Lab’s vision and values.  The Lab supports ERGs that are open to all employees and are formed around primary diversity dimensions (e.g. ethnicity or race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or veteran status) or a specific focus of inclusion in the workplace.  ERGs allow employees of all levels to participate more directly in the Lab’s ongoing DEI initiatives, and assist Berkeley Lab in fully integrating DEI into our day-to-day business practices.  ERG meetings should be treated as regular committee meetings for official Lab business (e.g. safety committee, transportation, parking, etc.) and need not take place during lunch or non-work hours.

Berkeley Lab currently has four ERGs: African-American ERG (AAERG) to support African-American employees and members of the ERG; All Access ERG for disability inclusion; Lambda Alliance ERG for LGBTQ employees and allies; and Veteran ERG (VERG) for veterans and supporters.  Additionally, Berkeley Lab also has a Women Scientists and Engineers Council (WSEC) with appointed members from Divisions, as well as volunteer members.  All of these groups are open to any Berkeley Lab employee who wish to participate as a volunteer (an employee does not need to identify as a member of these groups to join).

If you are a Berkeley Lab employee and are interested in creating an ERG, please contact the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office (DEI) at [email protected].  We can assist you with launching an ERG and finding an Executive Sponsor.

*Click here to view the recorded video of the ERG Open House on August 15, 2017.

African-American ERG (AAERG)

Executive Sponsor: Lab Deputy Director for Operations Michael Brandt

Berkeley Lab’s African-American Employee Resource Group (AAERG) aims to advance a diverse and inclusive work environment with a particular focus on African-American current and future employees.  Working through a dedicated network of professionals, the AAERG undertakes internal and external activities to attract, retain, empower, and inspire African-American employees.  These efforts are geared toward helping African-American staff members achieve their fullest potential across the spectrum of professional development and employment opportunities at Berkeley Lab, including those for scientists, engineers, technologists, and operations staff.

For more information or to join, please subscribe to the AAERG email list.  You can also contact the AAERG Steering Committee at [email protected].


All Access ERG

Executive Sponsor: Computing Sciences ALD Kathy Yelick

IMG_9693The Berkeley Lab Disability Inclusion ERG, All Access, advocates for a more accessible laboratory in design, in spirit and in operation. We work to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees and visitors and to serve as an information source for applicants, recruiters, managers and staff who have questions about disabilities, support and accommodations. In this way, we seek to increase understanding and appreciation for individuals with disabilities, whether visible or not. We see ourselves as part of a larger effort to build a more inclusive and respectful community, knowing that when improvements are made to help one group, everyone benefits.

We will do this through such actions as:

  • Advocating at all levels for greater accessibility and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Learning about and implementing best practices
  • Reaching out and collaborating with other lab groups,  organizations and the broader community  to leverage our resources
  • Communicating with the lab to raise the collective awareness about inclusion
  • Striving to become a leader for disability inclusion in the DOE and national lab community

All Access has three committees: Communications; Facilities and Logistics; and Outreach and Benchmarking.  The ERG is open to all employees, including those who identify as individuals with disabilities (IWDs) and supporters of disability inclusion.  For more information, or to join All Access, please contact ERG Co-Chairs Betsy MacGowan ([email protected]) and Misha Gonzalez ([email protected]).  Visit the All Access website at


“gLoBaL” ERG

Executive Sponsor: National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) Division Director Sudip Dosanjh

The purpose of gLoBaL (“LBL” inside of “global”) is to provide support and a sense of community for Berkeley Lab employees who have moved to the United States from another country via:

  • Developing the community of international employees to support each other
  • Raising awareness of the challenges international employees face when moving from their home country
    to the United States
  • Celebrating the diverse cultures and unique gifts that international employees bring to the Lab
  • Creating opportunities for domestic employees to support their international colleagues

For more information, or to join the gLoBaL ERG, please contact interim ERG leads Rebecca Hartman-Baker ([email protected]) and Charlene Yang ([email protected]).


Lambda Alliance ERG

Executive Sponsor: Biosciences Chief Technology Officer Jay Keasling

DSC_0118The purpose of the Lambda Alliance ERG is to enhance the work environment at Berkeley Lab for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and gender-nonconforming (LGBTQ+) employees and allies.  Our goal is to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, enhance policies of non-discrimination, create guidance for institutional processes, identify and address emerging issues or challenges, increase visibility and awareness, and recognize achievements impacting our community.  The group is open to all employees, including LGBTQ and allies.  The Lambda Alliance ERG is currently working on creating the Lab’s first Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines.

For more information, or to join the Lambda Alliance ERG, please contact ERG Co-Chairs Daniel Gens ([email protected]) or Kelliane Parker-Lam ([email protected]).


Latinxs and Native Americans Association (LANA) ERG

Executive Sponsor: Biological Systems and Engineering Division Director Blake Simmons

The purpose of the LANA ERG is to:

  • Advance a diverse and inclusive work environment for Latinx and Native American employees
  • Develop a community of employees to celebrate the diverse cultures and unique gifts that Latinxs and Native Americans bring to Berkeley Lab
  • Increase visibility and awareness of the LANA community through internal and external activities
  • Attract, retain, empower, and inspire Latinx and Native American employees to achieve their fullest potential across the spectrum of employment opportunities at Berkeley Lab
  • Bring awareness to Latinx and Native American students to STEM and Operations fields

For more information, or to join LANA ERG, please contact interim ERG leads Rosa Rodriguez-Flores ([email protected]) or Neli Lopez ([email protected]).


Veterans ERG (VERG)

Executive Sponsor: TBD

IMG_8215The purpose of the VERG is to enhance the work environment at Berkeley Lab for veteran employees and job seekers.  Our goal is to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, identify and address emerging issues or challenges such as veteran recruitment and retention, increase the visibility and value of veterans’ skills in the workplace among management and staff, provide guidance for institutional processes  and programs, enhance policies of non-discrimination, and recognize achievements impacting our community.  The group is open to all employees, including veterans and civilians.  VERG is currently working on a self-identification campaign for veterans at the Lab.

For more information, or to join VERG, please contact VERG Co-Chairs Phil Weiss ([email protected]) or Rich Celestre ([email protected]).


Women Scientists and Engineers Council (WSEC)

Executive Sponsor: Deputy Lab Director of Research, Horst Simon

To address issues that affect the careers of women scientists and engineers, Berkeley Lab created the Women Scientists & Engineers Council (WSEC).  The WSEC and Berkeley Lab’s Human Resources Department management work in partnership to determine priorities and develop strategies for recruitment, retention, work life balance, and empowerment of women scientists and engineers.  Subcommittees focus on target areas and to address specific challenges.  Key activities include:

  • Engaging division leaders in recruitment, retention, and development
  • Improving policies for work-life balance
  • Empowering women scientists through training and meeting people of influence

The WSEC is different from a traditional ERG because it is made up of members who are both Division-appointed as well as volunteers.  There are three subcommittees that meet separately to work on WSEC goals: policy, networking, and empowerment.  WSEC members meet quarterly  in January, April, July, and October.

For more information, or to join the WSEC as a volunteer, please contact the WSEC Executive Committee at [email protected].