Berkeley Lab

Lab Staff Invited To Join Latino and Native American Employee Resource Group

In an effort to support Hispanic/Latino and Native American employees in the workplace, Berkeley Lab’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Office will be launching an Employee Resource Group (ERG) called Latino and Native American Association (LANA). The group is open to any employee who wishes to join. LANA was active at the Lab in the 1990s until early 2000s, and was involved in various activities including cultural events, heritage months, supporting diversity in the education and STEM pipeline, inviting guest speakers, and more. LANA also raised funds and provided scholarships to Latino and Native American high school students in the Bay Area.

LANA will be revived at the Lab as an ERG, in an effort to promote community and inclusion for Hispanic/Latino and Native American employees, outreach (at least three opportunities per year), cultural awareness, policy and/or process improvement efforts, and possible learning and development opportunities. LANA will also be supported by a Lab Executive Sponsor to provide strategic guidance and serve as a DEI champion.

Implemented as a best practice in both public and private sectors, ERGs are associations of employees who are organized around a diversity dimension, and developed to advance the organization’s business goals. They promote opportunities for professional growth and development, provide an opportunity for networking, and support the Lab’s values for community and collaboration. ERGs allow employees of all levels to participate in the Lab’s strategic DEI initiatives, and work towards fully integrating DEI into our day-to-day business practices.

If you are interested in joining LANA, please complete the form here by Friday, March 30th. We will schedule a kick-off meeting to launch the ERG (meeting date and time TBD). For any questions, please email the DEI Office at