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Chabot Space & Science Offers Fun Online Activities

While the Chabot Space & Science Center is currently closed, they are offering a number of family activities online, including a space garden series, astronaut training, creating a moon journal, or a kit to become a junior meteorologist.

Chabot’s Virtual Resource Center
Welcome to the Learning Launchpad! Get ready to explore and learn more about the Universe and Planet Earth with new activities, videos and more. We are bringing science to life with content created by our very own education team! Learn, create, engage, interact and get inspired with us.

Space Garden Series
Throughout the month of May, look forward to new space gardening activities every weekend!

Grow, track, and observe what conditions plants need to survive and how they are adapted to live on planet Earth. Then, come up with a plan to grow your own food in outer space and compare it with current tests being done on the International Space Station