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Mental Health Awareness Month: Talking to kids about mental health, relaxation tips, simple yoga poses

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Established in 1949, Mental Health Month seeks to put a spotlight on the importance of mental health and wellness. Here are a few tips from Kaiser Permanente:

Find your words: How to talk about mental health with a child

Right now is a crucial time to check in on the mental health of the young people in our lives. It’s important for young people to hear that anxiety, stress, and negative emotions are completely normal — particularly in times of crisis. They also need to hear that there’s always hope. In fact, just one positive, nurturing relationship with an adult can help kids fight the effects of trauma.

Need quick ways to relax and de-stress throughout the day?

If you’re feeling more stressed during these uncertain times, you’re not alone. Yet there are still ways to finds moments of relaxation in your everyday life. You can start by practicing mini relaxation techniques. These quick techniques can be done throughout the day — helping you to de-stress.

6 simple yoga poses you can do anywhere

Right now, it’s especially important to care for the whole you — mind, body, and spirit. And since we’re spending our days at home, it’s more important than ever to get our body’s moving whenever possible. Not only is movement great for our physical health, but it can also benefit our mental health. Studies have found that exercises like yoga may be helpful for depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Plus, low-impact yoga poses can be easy to do when you have a few free moments to spare.