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Veterans, PTSD and Stress: Creating Compassionate Workplaces – May 24, 2022

Curious about PTSD and trauma-related issues? How can we create trauma-sensitive workspaces for veterans and other colleagues with histories of trauma here at the Lab? Join co-sponsors VERG and All Access Employee Resource Groups for this hybrid event in honor of Memorial Day and Mental Health Awareness Month.  We’ll explore how to implement coping skills […]

Maternal Mental Health Awareness

Did you know? 1 in 5 new moms may have strong feelings of sadness, anxiety (worry), or tiredness. These feelings are part of a medical condition known as perinatal depression. It is one of the most common complications that can happen during pregnancy and after childbirth. Perinatal depression can be treated. Yet, very few seek […]

Available Resources on Combating Zoom Fatigue

Video-conferencing or Zoom fatigue can be an issue for many Lab employees as it can impact productivity, health, and safety. The EHS Ergonomics Team has prepared a paper and a number of tips that Lab employees can use to understand and help combat this fatigue.

Basics of Burnout: Causes and Remedies in a Research Environment – June 22, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed by work, particularly during these challenging times? You are not alone. Join us  for a new mental health seminar called “Basics of Burnout: Causes and Remedies in a Research Environment.”  In this one-hour seminar and facilitated discussion, Dragonfly Mental Health will define the core components of Burnout as well as strategies to treat […]

Acknowledgement of COVID challenges for our South Asian Colleagues

Dear API ERG members, During this time as COVID-19 cases surge in India and other parts of the world, the Berkeley Lab’s Asian Pacific Islander (API) ERG acknowledges this terrible situation for our South Asian colleagues. India is currently facing a devastating second COVID wave and lacks resources to combat it. Other Asian countries are […]

Six Ways to Manage Coronavirus Depression – Greater Good Science Center

This article from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center offers some concrete steps to take if you’re feeling down. “Knowing what depression looks like and how to manage it can help prevent you from slipping into dark moods.” “Depression is increasing in the United States, in no small part due to COVID-19. According to recent […]

Eight evidence-based techniques for maintaining good mental health

The journal Nature, has put together a great list of tips for maintaining your mental health. All the advice in here is evidence-based, from medical experts and academics. Some of this will be things you’ve heard before, but they bear repeating — often, even small changes can have profoundly positive effects on your well-being. Surprise! […]

Find Your Words – A Mental Health Resource from Kaiser

Mental health matters, and we should talk about it — just like we talk about physical health. Find Your Words is a new website from Kaiser Permanente that’s designed to make it easier to open up about mental health and empower more people to ask for help, take action to help themselves, and support others. […]

HealthNet Talk on Resilience and Self-Care – Sept. 16, 2020

Many of us are dealing with work and life challenges and changes presented with us today. Learn more about how to best take on these challenges. Alison King, a licensed clinical social worker (LCWS) with HealthNet will be conducting live health wellness webinars for the LBNL community this season including topics from stress management, parenting, […]

Townhall: A Scientist’s Primer on Mental Health – September 9, 2020

Recent studies have revealed that mental health struggles are extremely common among researchers. Join the All Access Employee Resource Group Mental Health Initiative for “A Scientist’s Primer on Mental Health,” a one-hour seminar and discussion facilitated by Dragonfly Mental Health. Date: Wednesday, September 9 Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm There are many misconceptions about mental health struggles, […]