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WSEC Talk by Computing’s Dani Ushizima – May 28, 2020

The May WSEC Brown Bag will take place Thursday May 28, 12-1pm, and feature a talk by WSEC’s own Daniela Ushizima, Ph.D.!  Dani is a Staff Scientist at CRD-LBNL, a Data Scientist at the BIDS-UCB and an Affiliate Faculty at BCHSI-UCSF.

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2020 (add it to your calendar)

Time: 12 noon – 1 pm

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Light, CAMERA, action: processing scientific images at LBL
Advances in imaging for the design and investigation of materials have been remarkable: the growth of x-ray brilliance was 18 orders of magnitude in 5 decades, and extremely quick snapshots have enabled description of dynamic systems at the atomic scale. From industry to national laboratories, shape and structural properties of new compounds imaged through x-rays are used to measure the function and resilience of new materials.

Dani will talk about her work at the Lab and the incredible recent advances in scientific imaging. This talk discusses some strategies and software that tackles detection, segmentation and classification of materials such as carbon fibers, concrete, CMC and more. She will also talk about her career path at the Lab and her work with other organizations.  Please join us for this fascinating talk about cutting-edge science being done at the Lab!

Dani Ushizima is a Staff Scientist at CRD-LBNL, a Data Scientist at the BIDS-UCB and an Affiliate Faculty at BCHSI-UCSF. She’s a computer scientist, graduated in computer vision from the University of Sao Paulo, where she designed cell analysis and classification algorithms, targeting cell screening. More than a decade at LBNL, her research in image analysis and pattern recognition has impacted a broad array of scientific investigation that depends on experimental data, particularly images. In 2015, Dani received the U.S. Department of Energy Early Career award to focus on pattern recognition applied to diverse scientific domains – images range from biomedical to new materials science samples. She is also recipient of the Science without Borders Special Researcher award (CNPq/Brazil) for her work on machine learning applied to cytology, as part of a cancer research initiative focused on women’s healthcare. She has also led the Image Processing team for the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Related Applications (CAMERA). Other initiatives she co-leads are CRIC and ImageXD. Proud to be part of the Data Analytics and Visualization Group. She’s been investigating lung scans for COVID-19 screening .

More info about Dani’s projects:  

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