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Donate Unused Vacation Time to Help Colleagues Hit by COVID-19

Since the Lab announced a new Emergency Leave Donation Program last week, over 1,900 leave hours have been donated for colleagues in need of additional leave for absences related to COVID-19 circumstances.

The Lab has approximately 4,000 full-time employees who have had to adapt to these times the best they can. And even with the leave options provided by the Lab, some employees may need some additional assistance in the months ahead if they do not have sufficient leave balances to cover their absences and who may find themselves running out of options, such as:

  • The employee who is caring for immunocompromised family members and loved ones who seek ongoing counsel from health specialists and need to adapt work schedules to accommodate appointments and care.
  • The single parent who is juggling work and caring for their newborn, who has used up FMLA and Administrative Leave granted to them, but still needs to take time off because there are no available childcare options and they cannot telework full time.
  • The employee who is caring for and running essential errands for their elderly parents who cannot leave their homes due to fear of exposure and infection.
  • A new colleague who begins to feel unwell but hasn’t accrued enough sick time to take time off.

How can you help?

Use this form to donate unused vacation time to the Lab’s new emergency leave program or request donated hours.

Learn more about this new program.

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