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Lab Launches New Website with Collaboration Tools: Work Together

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There are a number of new collaboration tools that are highlighted in a new Lab website titled Work Together. Learn more about tools that provide you with options to chat, share whiteboards and diagrams, team tracking and project management, and advanced realtime collaboration.

Start with these five things to try now.

The Lab transitioned to remote work quickly in March 2020, and we settled into an uneasy new normal. Zoom dominated the workdays for many of us, and we learned new techniques to work together when we were apart. As people began to come back to the site for hands on work, our normal was changed again, with a mix of onsite and distributed workers. Now, as we enter the Fall, there are new pressures to make sure that “team science”, so core to our Lab’s DNA, is nurtured during these unusual times. Collaboration tools can help nurture the formal and informal relationships that make Team Science work.

Feel free to reach out for advice or to share your ideas at